A creative company that aims to "create fun".

ZEAL Associate has recently announced "creating fun" as the new corporate purpose.We want to continue lighting up the world to make it brighter and happier. We want to provide comprehensive support to our customers and help them realize their dreams and goals.We formulated our purpose with these ideas in mind, including the joy of feeling pleasure while introducing fulfilling services to the world.

Our Services

Zeal Associate: Business

Creating fun through multifaceted and creative business development

Our three primary businesses are space creation, video production, and digital content. Our Strategy Department is evolving to provide more valuable solutions as a comprehensive marketing service company. Our passion for creating fun goes beyond our primary business; We have recently been working on the reinforcement of one-and-only projects.

Main Business

  • Space Creation

    Attracting people through high-quality creativity and pursuing “fun” above all else.

  • Movie

    Entirely packaging ZEAL's commitment and excitement, we are delivering motion pictures that reach people's heart.

  • Digital

    From an online event developed in-house to achieve digital marketing.

Training Business


To deliver “much more fun”, we support our customers comprehensively throughout the strategy building.

Strengthening Business

  • Outdoor

    Enriching people's lives through the outdoors, new business operations crafted by the professional "fun-creators".

  • Global

    GO EAST, and GO WEST. Our stage is the GLOBE. ZEAL’s “fun” goes beyond borders.


Our approaches to creativity

The amalgamation of logical thinking (left-brained), artistic thinking (right-brained,) and responsible progress

ZEAL Associate's comprehensive production is driven by combining the following three elements:We gain an understanding of the customer's industry to extract the maximum excitement, which is only possible because of our profound experience and knowledge. We develop strategies for the future and lead marketing success.

  • Logic
  • Art
  • Produce
  • Typical left-brain thinking builds the foundation

    We logically investigate to determine adequate flows for customer services. We see things with a left-brained mindset and try to resolve problems.

  • Typical right-brain thinking that create values

    Our artistic imagination capability builds designs and product images that bring excitement to people around the world.

  • Comprehensive management that achieves results

    We flexibly collaborate beyond the company, including our stakeholders and partner companies.
    Our productions happen through the bird’s-eye view of the critical project.