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Service Field

Online Event

  • zone.-unbelievable-(Event tools for online)

  • Sumotoku powered by zone(Negotiation tools)

  • ZEAL Cutting Edge 3D(360°VR service)


  • Social Media Marketing

  • UI/UX Design

  • WEB Production

From an online event developed in-house
to achieve digital marketing.

Our strength is that we can provide total support, from planning to attract crowds to events, creating unique websites, and operating online events to utilizing the accumulated data after the event. We provide platforms and tools that meet each need and we support our customers in utilizing accumulated data in their next event, product, or service strategy.

Our dedicated online platform

To facilitate fresh connections reflecting the customer's thoughts, ZEAL Associates have also developed simple, user-friendly, engaging, and experience-rich online event systems, platforms, and tools tailored for different needs, such as a highly realistic video meeting app that can stimulate incidental business negotiations. Our quest goes beyond event hosting; we strive to provide total support, including event data utilization and digital marketing.