Main Business


Service Field

Event Space

  • PR Events

  • Stage Events

  • Pop-up Stores

  • Public Events

Business Space

  • Exhibition

  • Showroom

  • Factory Tour/Corporate Museum

  • Seminar/Conference

  • Private Show

Entertainment Space

  • IP Entertainment

  • Sports/e-sports

  • Amusement Facilities

  • Illumination

Interior Space

  • Various Interiors

  • Office Spaces

  • Showroom

  • Commercial Facilities

Public Space

  • Public/Cultural Facilities

  • Sports Facilities

Attracting people through high-quality creativity
and pursuing "fun" above all else.

ZEAL Associate's space creation business is built upon "fun" and "fresh." Apart from the construction and assembly work of PR events, exhibitions, and office spaces, we always care for "moving users' hearts" and "flow planning, assuming the ideal actions we want to trigger by the users." Our strength is to pursue "fun" and craft the highly appreciated entertainment space. We never give up on producing happiness and new values by deeply digging into the customer needs in the BtoB field as well, such as business space, office space, and corporate museums, which appear to have little room for the "fun" factor.

We maximize our business values by weaving "fun" factors with customers

From strategy to output, ZEAL Associate offers high-quality proposals. Our plan development is based on 360-degree perspectives to ensure we achieve our customers' goals and deliver "fun" to our users. We aim to spread the excitement of ZEAL's creativity by taking charge of everything in space planning, from upstream design, planning, and strategy building to finally knotting bonds with users.