We are the company that creates “fun”


Company Name
ZEAL Associate Corp.
January 23rd 2004
A creative company that aims to create “fun”.

Main Business

〈 Space Creation Business 〉

Event Space
PR Events/Stage Events/Pop-up Stores/Public Events
Business Space
Exhibitions/Showrooms/Factory Tours/Corporate Museums/Seminars
Conferences/Private Shows
Entertainment Space
IP Entertainment/Sports/e-sports/Amusement Facilities
Interior Space
Various Interiors/Office Spaces/Showrooms/Commercial Facilities
Public Space
Public/Cultural Facilities/Sports Facilities

〈 Movie Business 〉

Corporate Branding Area
Branding Videos/Service and Product Introductions/Anniversary Movies
Promotion Area
Event Movies/Exhibition Videos/Conference and Seminar Videos/
Sports Event Movies/In-house Event Movies

〈 Digital Business 〉

Online Event
zone.-unbelievable-(Event tools for online)
Sumotoku powered by zone(Negotiation tools)
ZEAL Cutting Edge 3D(360°VR service)
Social Media Marketing/UI/UX Design/WEB Production

Training Business

〈 Strategy 〉

Strategic Planning
Corporate Branding/Market Analysis/Marketing Strategy/Communication Strategy/Data Analytics/User Analysis

Strengthening Business

〈 Outdoor 〉

Sauna Business/Others
Camping Business/Others

〈 Global 〉

Overseas Exhibition Support Service
Various Exhibitions/Showrooms/Factory Tours/Corporate Museums
Timeless Design Service
Creative provision 24 hours a day through collaboration with overseas partners
JPY 35,188,000
Mizuho Bank,Kobunacho Branch / Shiba Shinkin Bank, Nihonbashi Branch / Resona Bank,Nihonbashi Branch / Higashi Nippon Bank,Head Office
List of qualification
First-class construction management engineer
First-class electrical work construction management engineer
First-class pipework construction management engineer
Second-class construction management engineer

Special construction license approved by Tokyo governor license No. 130356.

Construction / Carpenter / Plastic /Jumping and civil engineering / masonry / roofing /Electrician / Plumber business / Tile / brick / block work / steel structure work / Rebar work / Sheet metal work / Glass work / Painting work / Waterproofing / interior finishing / thermal insulation Joinery / Dismantling business

First Class Architect Office Registered as Governor of Tokyo No. 5997
General worker dispatch business license General 13-302714
Outdoor advertising business license Tokoro (3) No. 1905
ISO/IEC 27001:2013(Head office only)
Security business certification Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No. 30003758
Antique dealer license No. 301062415296

Nippon Display Federation
Tokyo Display Association
Osaka Display Organization
Japan Exhibition Association
Japan Design Space Association
Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events
Japan Convention Management Association
Daiki Tanaka
Natsumi Taoka
Shohei Akimoto


  • President President Executive Officer

    Daisuke Nagato

    Chairman of the Tokyo Display Association

    Marketing Master by Japan Marketing Association

    Date of Birth:May 17, 1975 Born in Fukuoka, Japan

    Established the company in 2004 and became the representative director.
    Managed numerous operations for significant corporate events and played the role of an art producer.
    In June 2023, became the youngest board chairperson (14th) of the Tokyo Display Association.
    Hobbies include surfing, golf, running, cooking, and indulging in saunas.
    Proudly acquired a sauna and spa health advisor certificate during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Directors Senior Managing Executive Officer

    Hidehiro Terui

    General Manager of Creative Division

    First-Class building operation and management engineer

    Date of Birth:February 17, 1971 Born in Tokyo, Japan

    Joined the company in 2004 as a founding member, became a director,
    and was in charge of spatial design and spatial art director.
    Then, moved on to the Sales Production Department and Production Department; since November 2023, in charge of the Creative Department and Product Department.
    Hobbies include fishing, mini gardening, and cherishing nature.

  • Directors Managing Executive Officer

    Yusaku Nagato

    General Manager of Sales Division

    Marketing Master by Japan Marketing Association

    Date of Birth:August 10, 1980 Born in Fukuoka, Japan

    Joined the company in 2004 as a founding member.
    Became a director of the company in 2005 and launched the Experience Design Department, the predecessor of the current Marketing Department, in 2010.
    Has been in charge of the Sales Department since 2011.
    Hobbies include golf, CrossFit, and watching movies at a home theater.

  • Directors Senior Executive Officer

    Ryouo Shibuya

    General Manager of Corporate Headquarters

    Date of Birth:November 18, 1985 Born in Tokyo, Japan

    Joined the company in 2008.
    Launched the Sales Department and Cost Estimation Department.
    In 2020, appointed as an executive officer and continutes to manage the entire management department since then.
    In 2021, became a director of the company.
    Hobbies include indulging in saunas, housework, and training.

  • Outside Director

    Norihito Imamori

    Date of Birth:September 12, 1971 Born in Kagoshima, Japan

    Certified social insurance labor consultant.
    Appointed as an outside director of the company in 2020. Managed overseas companies, as CFO of a listed company and an IPO company.
    Hobbies include playing golf, mahjong, watching baseball, and exploring Japanese history.

  • Outside Auditor

    Misao Akutsu

    Date of Birth:January 15, 1958 Born in Tokyo, Japan

    Joined Recruit in 1980 as a new graduate, following the advice of his father, who ran a plasterer business in downtownTokyo, of “becoming a universally eligible person.”
    Then, changed jobs four times until being independent in 2004, then promoted eight companies to IPO and served as outside director for ten companies.
    Appointed as an auditor of ZEAL in 2022.
    Became interested in the modern history of Asia after traveling to Taiwan.

General Counsel

  • MATSUO & KOSUGI Law Office

    Yukino Kikuma

  • Kamiya-cho Central Law Office

    Koji Kanamori

  • Hibiya Tax & Law Office

    Takeshi Fukuzaki


代表取締役 社長執行役員 永門 大輔

We are the company that creates “fun”

It has already been 20 years since we were founded with the philosophy of “Creation with Passion.”

Time has passed since then, and the world has changed dramatically; we live in unpredictable and uncertain times and can never escape from natural disasters, pandemics, and crises that shake our peace.

Furthermore, innovations in information technology have caused a deluge of information, and marketing communications are constantly undergoing significant changes, leading to a chaotic time in which it is difficult even to know what is true.

In such an era, what motivates people with such diverse values is always something that moves their hearts.

Imagination and solution;
astonishment and sensation;
deeper than wider;
and fun or not fun.

Complicated thinking produces nothing; think and create simply.
Add your passion to make things easy to understand.
We believe these are the actual “experiential values” and advocate creating “fun” as a new universal purpose.

No matter how times change, we continue tackling and enjoying the ever-changing fun.
We integrate a company’s latent “knowledge” and bring out unknown qualities into form.
That is what a creative company will need in the future and is a characteristic of Zeal Associates.

Now, everything turns into reality.
We must revitalize Japan for a happier place to live.
Zeal Associates, a company that creates “fun”, will always meet or exceed your expectations.

Daisuke Nagato, President President Executive Officer


Head Office

JRE Ginza 1chome East Building 8F ,1-19-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

TEL : +81-3-6264-2690
FAX : +81-3-6264-2693


Opens on April 1, 2024

Kiswire Hatchobori Building 9F, 4-6-5 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032


Opens on February 1, 2024

1F Katumi Building, 2-11 Kandatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0046


Hankyu Grand Building 20F, 8-47 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0017