Strengthening Business


Service Field

Overseas Exhibition Support Service

  • Various Exhibitions/Showrooms/Factory Tours/Corporate Museums

Time Advantage Design Work

  • Creative provision 24 hours a day through collaboration with overseas partners

GO EAST, and GO WEST. Our stage is the GLOBE.
ZEAL's "fun" goes beyond borders.

One day is equal to 24 hours. However, nobody can run around the clock. Therefore, at ZEAL, while we were deveoloping the idea to quickly provide non-stop high-quality creativity, we arrived at the idea of "Time Advantage Design Work" as seen from the user's perspective. We believe that the world can become a more liberal and joyful place with the achievement of our dream of delivering creativity filled with "fun" and spreading it through our to-be-expanded global service locations.


While based in Japan, we have a presence in six major cities overseas through our collaborations with local partners.
Our elite staff can provide you with high-quality services to meet various needs, from support for exhibiting at overseas exhibitions to opening showrooms and museums.